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Boca Raton Concierge Doctor -

​Steven E, Reznick, M.D., FACP

7280 W. Palmetto Park Road,

Suite 205N,

Boca Raton, FL 33433

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 5:00 pm.

After hours appointments are available  for my patients when scheduled in advance or if deemed medically necessary.

What is a Patient-Focused Concierge Membership-Based Medical Practice?  

  • It's a premium medical practice in which the physician devotes greater time to the patient's unique and individual health care needs. Because of the additional time allotted to each patient, physicians limit the size of their practice to about 20% of the size of a traditional primary care practice and charge an annual fee.  

Do I still see Dr. Reznick when I am sick? 

  • Yes. I will provide the quality of care my patients have come to expect in the office, in the hospital or occasionally at their home. I also follow my patients in selected rehabilitation and long term care facilities.

What will I do if Dr. Reznick is away on vacation or unavailable?

  • If I am away or physically unavailable, my patients will be cared for by Richard A Levine, M.D., FACP. I share office space with Dr. Levine and we have been covering each other’s patients since 1987.

​​What is the investment for this type of personalized care?

  • The annual membership fee is affordably priced for this level of care. It is payable via credit card, cash or check made out to S. Reznick M.D., FACP, PA.  A separate fee is charged for each medical service provided. At this time, Medicare patient services are covered by traditional Medicare insurance plus the co-pay (often paid by a patient’s secondary insurance) and applicable deductible. Non-Medicare patients, less than 65 years old, pay a flat of $30 per visit plus an additional fee for vaccinations, immunizations or EKG’s. A fee schedule is available from our Concierge Coordinator.

​Will Medicare or Commercial Health Insurance Pay the Annual Fee?

  • No.  The annual fee covers the non-covered services including in the concierge medicine program.  Medicare and commercial health insurance work as customary.

​Can I use my FSA or HSA account to pay the annual fee?

  • Given the number of plans available, and the differences among plans, it's best to check with your financial planner or benefits manager.

​Is the annual fee tax deductible?

  • Maybe.  Check with your tax advisor.

​​Will my dependents be covered?

  • If all adult family members have joined, we provide care for dependent children between the ages of 14 and 25, living at home or visiting from college. We charge them, or their insurance company, for the office visit.



Call:  (561) 368-0191

Dr. Reznick and his staff make going to the doctor a pleasant experience.  He is knowledgeable and seems truly interested in my well-being.  His staff is polite and responsive to any questions or needs.  I realize how truly spoiled I have become and cannot recommend a professional more strongly!

Scott Y. - Patient

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