I am Board Certified in internal medicine and have additional qualifications in geriatrics.


Testimonial of David L.

I'm now primarily living in Boca Raton, so I needed to find a primary care physician I could trust, luckily I found Dr. Steven Reznick who besides being a classmate from Lincoln High School is also a first rate doctor. I would highly recommend his services to any none in the Boca Raton area. Dr. Steven Reznick shows that he really cares, he's knowledgeable and takes the time to explain in detail all that I ask. He reminds me of Dr. Marcus Welby and his staff is equally professional, courteous and kind. - I've been so very fortunate to have Dr. Warren Chin in New York and Dr. Steven Reznick in Florida. I don't usually post anything but I felt it important enough for my friends to know about Dr. Steven Reznick and his great medical care.

Testimonial of Fran D.

I feel extremely lucky to have found Dr. Reznick. The office atmosphere is much like being invited to a lovely brunch, complete with fruit, pastries and a warm greeting from the staff. Examinations have always included seemingly unhurried time for a nice long chat prior to the routine physical. I respect and admire Dr. Reznick for his knowledge and compassion. It seems obvious that he loves what he does.

Testimonial of Scott Y.

Dr. Reznick and his staff make going to the doctor an actually pleasant experience. His staff is courteous, appointments are made easily and the wait time in the comfortable office is always less than 5 minutes. His staff is polite and responsive to any questions or needs. Check-in and checkout is a breeze. Dr. Reznick takes his time with you and meets with you in his personal office first to obtain a detailed history, then the exam room for a careful and thorough exam. He is knowledgeable and seems truly interested in my well-being. When I have been to any other specialists office, I realize how truly spoiled I have become. I cannot recommend a professional more strongly!

Contact Information:
7280 W. Palmetto Park Road
Suite 205N
Boca Raton, FL 33433
MAIN:  561.368.0191
FAX:     561.368.0151

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Voted by my peers as a "Best Doc"
(Miami magazine and the Miami Herald)

​​Testimonial of Jonathan S.

I have been a patient for 12 years and have never had better medical service/advise in my 70 years than from Dr. Reznick. Exceptional willingness to explain anything I want, excellent "bedside" manner,always follows up by phone and has made excellent referrals when necessary thus demonstrating humility by recognizing different advice/treatment is necessary. Of course I have recommended him to others.

Testimonial of Jodie H.

Dr. Reznick,

I've been reading your newsletter and your blog and find them very informative and beautifully written. I think they would make a great book.

You give patients a keen look into the world of medicine from all sides. It's especially meaningful for those of us who are far away, me the most! I don't feel so cut off when I can sit at my computer and read your words.



Testimonial of Roslyn “Rozie” S.

It all began in 1994. I had been quite ill. Numerous doctors could not provide a proper diagnosis. Thankfully, I was referred to Dr. Steven Reznick. He is compassionate, caring, thorough and an excellent diagnostician.

Dr. Reznick treated my late husband Matthew as he would his own father. They had a very loving relationship. And, he always follows his oath, to the nth degree.

His patience with his patients is outstanding. I can reach him whenever I need to. He is the best. Obviously, I trust him with my life.

Testimonial of Aaron S.

In 1980, well before I became a permanent Florida resident, I had a heart attack which brought me to the emergency room of the Boca Raton Community Hospital. It was there that I encountered a young internist /who was on duty - Steven Reznick.

During the week that he treated me before I was transferred to North Ridge Hospital to undergo heart surgery, I was most impressed by his "caring" attitude and demeanor. Fifteen years later, I became a part of his extremely busy Boca Raton office practice. He was still the same "caring" person.

As a lay person, I do not consider myself to be an expert in regard to medical capability. However, a few years later when a friend who was a retired physician moved to this area, I recommended that he become a patient of Dr. Reznick. After his first visit, he called me to thank me and said "Dr. Reznick is the best analyst I ever met".

When the concierge practice was initiated by Dr. Reznick a few years ago, my wife and I did not hesitate to become part of his limited patient load. I feel that Dr. Reznick is still the same person I met in the emergency room, except that he has accumulated 30 years of medical experience and he has more time to deal with my problems. Furthermore, in his present set-up his staff treats me as if I am family.

Testimonial of Robert W.

At my age it’s important to be able to reach my doctor 24 x 7, and not have to wait several hours for an answering service to find out who is on call and then locate the doctor. I appreciate getting right in to see my doctor when I am sick, or have a medical problem. I used to wait days if not weeks just to get in to see a doctor.

Also, it’s great that Dr. Reznick spends at least 45 minutes or whatever time it takes to listen and exam me. I never got over 10 minutes with a doctor before, as they try to see 20 or more patients a day. I know if I had an emergency and had to go to the hospital; Dr. Reznick would call or come right over to the hospital and save a lot of time sharing my medical chart with the emergency room doctors.

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