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ARE YOU TIRED OF NOT HAVING ANY CLOTHING TO WEAR THAT FITS WELL?Are you embarrassed to go bathing suit shopping? Do you cringe when you look for clothes and see your waist and clothing size? Do you feel uncomfortable when you bend over to tie your shoes or pick an item up off the floor? Is your energy level lower than in the past? Have you tried and tried again to lose weight only to fail before reaching your goal?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Millions of your friends and neighbors are fighting the overweight/obesity epidemic in America. We are caught in a high stress world where resorting to fast food and super sized portions have become the norm rather than the exception. It is no wonder that 2/3 of adult Americans are overweight. Overweight Americans are statistically more susceptible to all the chronic illnesses of adulthood such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, loss of extremities due to impaired circulation excessive arthritic pain due to excessive weight loss on our skeletons.

I am Board Certified in internal medicine and have additional qualifications in geriatrics.

TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE OFFERS A SOLUTION TO THESE PROBLEMS which is simple, cost effective and safe. The program requires no membership fee, no medications, and no injections and is a carefully designed program for weight loss, transition to healthy living and eating and lifelong maintenance.

Weight Loss & Wellness

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IN THE WEIGHT LOSS PHASE you will use Medifast portion controlled meals to lose weight without surgery, medications or injections. The average person on TSFL loses up to 2 – 5 pounds per week. However, individual results will vary.

I AM AVAILABLE AS A HEALTH COACH to answer questions and guide you at no additional cost to you. Once you achieve your desired weight loss you will transition into the maintenance plan so that you can keep the weight off and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

ISN'T IT TIME TO MAKE THE COMMITMENT TO IMPROVED HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE? Soon your friends and relatives will be telling you how wonderful you look and asking you how did you do it? That is what happened to me. With the help of TSFL and my Health Coach I took off 52 pounds easily and would now like to help you do the same.

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