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As of October 28, 2014 we will be exclusively administering the inactivated trivalent influenza vaccine to all our patients who want a flu shot. The senior high dose vaccine, or Fluzone, was not available in sufficient supply to accomodate everyone. We no longer have the quadravalent flu vaccine for adults younger than 65 for the same reason. These vaccines are not available at most local CVS or Walgreens. They are all giving the trivalent vaccine. If you can find Fluzone in the community and are over 65 years old then get the vaccine. The same applies to those less than 65 who can find the Quadravalent vaccine.

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I am Board Certified in internal medicine and have additional qualification in geriatrics

Voted by my peers as a “Best Doc”

(Miami magazine and the Miami Herald)

WELCOME TO MY CONCIERGE PRACTICE a personalized health care model that emphasizes greater attention to your individual medical needs.  I have been practicing in the Boca Raton, S. Palm Beach County and N. Broward County communities since 1979.  I am Board Certified in internal medicine and have additional qualifications in geriatrics.

WHILE MOST TRADITIONAL MEDICAL PRACTICES are reactive to health care problems, my practice provides you with a more proactive approach through prevention and individualized programs while I continue to identify and treat your existing medical problems.

THE BENEFITS to you and your loved ones are many, including:

ACCESS – Contact me via my personal cell phone or email any time, day or night. A phone consultation will often times prevent an office visit.  Same day or next day appointments.  No waiting.  Appointments are always on time. 

QUALITY OF HEALTH – I spend the time necessary to invest in your health and address your questions.  The average office visit is 45 minutes.

COORDINATION OF CARE – I am your medical advocate and will coordinate all of your health care needs, including specialist care as medically necessary. 

LIMITED PRACTICE SIZE – To provide this level of care and service, I limit my practice to 400 patients (approximately 20% of a traditional practice).  An annual membership fee covers the costs of wellness services not provided by most health insurance plans.

HEALTH EVALUATION – An in-depth health history, current health assessment and individualized program to promote future good health.


I INVITE YOU to schedule a complimentary 30 minute meeting with me to discuss your health care needs and explore my innovative practice model.  While you're here, I'll give you a personal tour of the practice.

TO SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION and tour, call my assistant Judi at 561.368.0191.  She'll also gladly answer any questions you may have.

 Steven E. Reznick, M.D. FACP

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